• Question: Have you ever made anything for a big company?

    Asked by Deco to Aislinn, Nathan, Padraic, Sinead on 11 Feb 2015.
    • Photo: Sinead Quirke

      Sinead Quirke answered on 11 Feb 2015:


      I dont make things but in my last role I worked for Dublin City Council and I was in charge of the water tretament plant at Bllyboden. So everuy day I made clean safe water for the people of Dublin

    • Photo: Nathan Quinlan

      Nathan Quinlan answered on 11 Feb 2015:

      I haven’t made a physical thing for a big company, but I’ve done various bits of analysis for small, medium and huge companies – mostly medical devices makers. A long time ago I worked in some projects that involved major aircraft engine companies.

    • Photo: Aislinn Coghlan

      Aislinn Coghlan answered on 11 Feb 2015:


      I have only ever worked for huge companies. First I worked for Phillips66 who refine oil into diesel and petrol. So you could say I made diesel and petrol for them.
      Then I went to Cadbury’s and made chocolate for them.
      Finally, I am here in MSD in Cork making life saving medicine.

      So technically I am making things for big companies!

    • Photo: Padraic Morrissey

      Padraic Morrissey answered on 11 Feb 2015:

      Last year I worked on a project for one of the biggest communications companies in the world, Huawei. They make lots of different products for the telecoms industry and are one of the largest manufacturers of mobile phones in the world!