• Question: If you check out how aeroplane engines work,would you ever consider getting involved with Sinead in her work?

    Asked by Marragh to Nathan on 11 Feb 2015.
    • Photo: Nathan Quinlan

      Nathan Quinlan answered on 11 Feb 2015:

      I’d love to work with Sinead, but we’re in very different fields of engineering. I had a brush with the aerospace world when I was a research student, and it was about calculations of the aerodynamics of propellers – it was about making techniques that can help in one specific early stage in the enormous process of aerospace engineering. I would still like to go back and do more work on that, or on the internals of engines. Sinead is at the other end of the process, taking care of planes that are actually out there getting dirty, working and flying. It’s unlikely our paths will cross in work – but who knows!

      PS not many people know that modern propeller engines are actually more efficient (use less fuel and create less pollution) than jets.