• Question: what would have been the hardest job you ever did and did you ever make a mistake in front of an really important person or someone you work for

    Asked by 358beb38 to Sinead, Padraic, Aislinn on 12 Feb 2015.
    • Photo: Padraic Morrissey

      Padraic Morrissey answered on 12 Feb 2015:

      Oooh that’s a good question! I did a really difficult project for a Chinese company once that was very stressful. It took over 12 months to do and they were very pushy for lots of results. We got it working though and they were very happy 🙂

      I have made loads of mistakes in front of people! I’m not very good at giving presentations, so have made mistakes in those where I said the wrong thing. It can be embarrassing! I never did anything really bad though…I hope I never do!

    • Photo: Sinead Quirke

      Sinead Quirke answered on 12 Feb 2015:


      I made a big msitake a few years ago where I didnt check information given to me by someelse. I used it adn the result was Dublin Airprot was closed for 2 hours – luckyily it wasnt busy. You learn from your mistakes though and I never made that mistake again.

    • Photo: Aislinn Coghlan

      Aislinn Coghlan answered on 12 Feb 2015:


      I jammed up the manufacturing line in Cadbury once! I was running a trial for a new product and the tray I was using to put them on the line was the wrong size. All I heard was a massive cranking noise and everyone turned and looked at me in disbelief. That was very embarrassing. I got it fixed and we re did the trial!

      Another time, in an interview, I ripped my trousers right down the back seam before going in and you could see my bum! I did my best to cover it up and I got the job! I asked my manager later on if he had noticed and he laughed out loud and said he had no idea. Very awkward situation