• Question: did you always want to be an engineer when you were younger or did you just become interested when you were older

    Asked by anon-20333 on 26 Mar 2022. This question was also asked by anon-20332, anon-20117, anon-20377, anon-20336, anon-20378, anon-19886.
    • Photo: Nicola Marchetti

      Nicola Marchetti answered on 4 Mar 2022:

      I have always been drawn to science and technology, I was especially in awe reading about the NASA space program that led to the Moon landing. I said to myself, “hey, if that’s what engineers can do, I want to be one of them 🙂 “.

    • Photo: Luke Molloy

      Luke Molloy answered on 4 Mar 2022:

      i wanted to be and engineer ever since I studied it in secondary school.

    • Photo: Kyriakos Kourousis

      Kyriakos Kourousis answered on 4 Mar 2022:

      It was probably secondary school … but engineering had got my attention even earlier I think, as I was always curious how different things actually work…

    • Photo: Brendan Mullane

      Brendan Mullane answered on 4 Mar 2022:

      As I progressed through secondary school, I started developing an interest in technology. I especially remember opening my first computer console to see what was inside and that got me more interested in exploring engineering further.

    • Photo: Diana Abrunhosa

      Diana Abrunhosa answered on 7 Mar 2022:

      I think I wanted to be a lot of things growing up, would always be excited about something new every year! Once i got to highschool Architecture seemed an interesting thing to do but my sketching skills are not great so I decided to study Engineering – a bit more maths and less sketching! 😀

    • Photo: Aisling Lee

      Aisling Lee answered on 25 Mar 2022:

      Yeap, since I was a toddler I was always taking things apart, then eventually i started learning how to put them together ha.
      Watching me build things with legos and taking apart anything that wasn’t welded together my grandad once said when I was 5 that id grow up to be an engineer…..fast forward 23 years later and he was absolutely correct