• Question: would you perfer a different job why/why not

    Asked by anon-19876 on 26 Mar 2022.
    • Photo: Kyriakos Kourousis

      Kyriakos Kourousis answered on 10 Mar 2022:

      Probably not, engineering is rather diverse and one can’t get bored easily. An engineer can move between design roles, to production, management, research & development, data analysis & computer programming … teaching, etc … even work in finance and economics. There are many opportunities for engineers.

    • Photo: Marco Ruffini

      Marco Ruffini answered on 11 Mar 2022:

      I am confident I wouldn’t change my job (I’m a professor at TCD).
      But the good thing is that the knowledge you get is quite broad and focused on problem solving that you could change if you wanted to!

    • Photo: Somdatta Bhattacharya

      Somdatta Bhattacharya answered on 11 Mar 2022:

      Identifying with my abilities + passion, I can safely say that I am in the right job (an engineer).

      However, if I ever had to choose a different one, I would like a career in music – A DJ!

    • Photo: Aisling Lee

      Aisling Lee answered on 25 Mar 2022:

      There’s good and bad stuff in every job, I miss working on sites as an apprentice electrician when the sun is shining but I remember getting caught out in the rain looking at people in an office wishing I could be dry and warm.

      I think if I could id tweak it a little, take the best bits from other jobs I would but other than that I wouldnt change my job