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Name About me and my work Zone name Date
Ashley Culbert I manage the development of wind energy projects Energy Zone November 2014
Catherine Conaghan I manage large European engineering projects that develop brand new ways to save energy in buildings Energy Zone November 2014
John Ging I perform technical studies of demand and generation connecting to the electricity system. Energy Zone November 2014
Laura Tobin I’m a PhD Researcher in Optical Engineering Energy Zone November 2014
Ray Alcorn Getting Power from the ocean. From waves,from tides and from wind. Energy Zone November 2014
Caoimhe O'Neill I’m a Civil Engineer and I am researching new ways to build big structures using wood grown in Ireland instead of concrete or steel Kelvin Zone November 2014
Colin Keogh Engineer researching advanced energy technologies (Solar panels, Biomass fuels, Algae/Seaweed Fuels) and 3D Printing technologies. Kelvin Zone November 2014
David Taylor I break things, I study how they break, and I try to stop them from breaking. Kelvin Zone November 2014
Katie Mahon I design tanks and pressure vessels for the drink & drug industry (pharmacy drugs of course!) Kelvin Zone November 2014
Lisa Phelan Research and Development Engineer at Boston Scientific – California Kelvin Zone November 2014
Aislinn Coghlan I am a chemical engineer in a big pharmaceutical company Boole Zone February 2015
Fiona Edwards Murphy I am pursuing a PhD in the area of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), which is also known as the “Internet of Things”, this involves allowing a whole range of everyday objects (a fridge, toys, car etc.) to communicate with each other and connect to the internet. The application for this technology which I have chosen is monitoring beehives. Boole Zone February 2015
Nathan Quinlan I find out how liquid, gas and heat move, in anything from artificial heart valves to wind turbines to aeroplane engines. Boole Zone February 2015
Padraic Morrissey Lasers aren’t just found in James Bond films but surprisingly are also a huge part of how the internet works; in my job I develop new ways of using lasers to make the internet faster! Boole Zone February 2015
Sinead Quirke I work with a great team to make sure that flying is safe and secure for everyone travelling on an Irish airplane or using Irish airports Boole Zone February 2015
Alex Jaeger Engineering student in Biomedical Devices Metre Zone November 2015
Antonio Vargas-Gonzalez I make programs to find bad webpages in the internets. Metre Zone November 2015
Christina Lynch I’m a Support Engineer that solves problems for customers all aroung the world everyday. Metre Zone November 2015
Martin O'Halloran I am a engineer who designs new medical devices Metre Zone November 2015
Nicola Greene I am a Sanitation Engineer currently working with UNICEF in Kenya. Metre Zone November 2015
Conor McGinn I design, build and program robots that help elderly and disabled people to live independently in their own homes. Coding Zone February 2016
Frederik Gossen I teach robots and other machines how to perceive their environment Coding Zone February 2016
Ilaria Cinelli Definitely challenging! It is perfectly suits me! Coding Zone February 2016
Jeffrey Roe I make apps that help 70,000 people park their cars in cites around the world. Coding Zone February 2016
Sarah Doran I’m technical lead for a team making a travel website for people who travel with their job Coding Zone February 2016
Aisling Shannon I am a Structural Engineer working at the European Space Agency Space Zone February 2016
Colin Shirran I am an Electrical Systems Engineer at Airbus Defence and Space. Space Zone February 2016
Laurence O'Rourke I’m an engineer and scientist working on the Rosetta mission which is all about a spacecraft flying around a comet Space Zone February 2016
Ned Dwyer working to let people know how important the ocean is to our life on Earth and looking at how satellite photos can be used to study it Space Zone February 2016
Niamh Shaw I’m someone who combines the creative part of my brain with my science brain to tell science and Space stories to a general audience in lots of different ways Space Zone February 2016
Cathal Ó Murchú My aim is to make electricity plants better for the environment by using new metals and stopping breakdowns Energy Zone March 2017
Dave Boyne My big project at the moment is a “Speech Pronunciation Tutor” Energy Zone March 2017
Karen Barrett I work at Heathrow Airport and am responsible for all underground pipelines and tank farms Energy Zone March 2017
Robert Dowdall I develop renewable energy technologies to help society move away from fossil fuels. Energy Zone March 2017
Roisin Mossop Energy Zone March 2017
Bobby Huxford I am a PhD student looking at making light weight materials for cars and airplanes Health Zone March 2017
Claire Brougham Health Zone March 2017
Claire Conway I work as a researcher to help doctors to better understand how to treat patients that have heart problems. Health Zone March 2017
David Nolan I use computer simulations to design and test treatments that save the lives of people who have heart attacks Health Zone March 2017
Veasna Sum-Coffey I am a PhD student, who is researching bone regeneration, and I am using this research to help improve bone healing. Health Zone March 2017
Dominic Doyle My work is endlessly challenging and exiting and sometime we get to see our hardware landing on a comet, e.g. Philae and Rosetta Space Zone March 2017
James Harpur I work for the Space Robotics Laboratory at Tohoku University in Japan developing satellites that observe the Earth and robots that explore the Moon. Space Zone March 2017
Jenny Hanafin I use satellite data to study and observe the oceans, in a nutshell. Space Zone March 2017
Kevin Hayes I am on the graduate scheme where I worked as a mechanical responsible engineer, mechanical analysis engineer, mechanical design engineer and will work as a mechanical architect. Space Zone March 2017
Norah Patten I run a start-up company in Ireland and I’m also a faculty member at International Space University Space Zone March 2017
Eoin McEvoy I investigate how the heart generates force (for a heartbeat), to better understand how we can design medical devices to help people with heart disease Health Zone March 2018
Fiona Freeman I use 3D printing to design new implants that can be used to fix damaged bone. Health Zone March 2018
Ivor Geoghegan I study how bone cells feel different forces, such as those from walking around, and how this process goes wrong in osteoporosis Health Zone March 2018
Karl Brennan Health Zone March 2018
Pattie Mathieu I look at stem cells from blood vessels and how stretching them keeps them healthy or makes them diseased Health Zone March 2018
Aisling Lee Understanding how computers work and talk to each other then using that to create new soloutions Robotics Zone March 2018
Cara O'Brien Masters student - my project is focused on developing a robot that can help children in hospitals. Robotics Zone March 2018
Edin Omerdic Development of smart control systems for subsea operations with advanced user interface (touch screen, voice commands, virtual reality headsets) Robotics Zone March 2018
Graham Cullen Oceanographic Engineer - We measure the ocean! Robotics Zone March 2018
Patrick Lynch I am trying to make robots better at picking things up using cameras Robotics Zone March 2018
Eimear Tuohy I work as a satellite data and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) researcher, with a focus on marine and coastal issues. Space Zone March 2018
James Geary Space Zone March 2018
Jonathan Faull I work with the International Space University's Space Studies Program organizing the worlds best space learning program. Space Zone March 2018
Lána Salmon Each day I try to solve problems to help design, build and test Ireland's first satellite. I also develop code to try find signals from merging stars using a robotic telescope called Watcher in South Africa. Space Zone March 2018
William O'Connor I work as a teacher and researcher in UCD's School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering Space Zone March 2018
Andrea Pacheco PhD. student in biophotonics Health Zone March 2019
Ellen Simmons Making innovative products and solving complex problems with technology companies all over the world Health Zone March 2019
Kevin OBrien I'm involved in the design of the electronics for infusion pumps used for everything from pain relief during surgery to chemotherapy. Health Zone March 2019
Laura Farina Making new machine (medical devices) to help doctors curing people Health Zone March 2019
S S I am seeking engineering solutions to improve life quality Health Zone March 2019
Ted Burke Teaching programming, robotics and biomedical engineering. Health Zone March 2019
Alice Selby I am trying to make a device that works like a human brain Production Zone March 2019
Diana Abrunhosa Engineer in Flooding Projects (find a solution for areas that flood often) Production Zone March 2019
Gowthaman Parivendhan Modelling of Additive Manufacturing Production Zone March 2019
Ivan Merrick Making sure customers get prompt and immediate attention to their inquiries when thy make contact with Fraser Ross Ltd. Production Zone March 2019
nina kanti Electronic and Computer Engineer developing apps and working with novel technology Production Zone March 2019
Noel O'Dowd I teach Mechanical Engineering at the University of Limerick Production Zone March 2019
Alison Dufresne I'm a space propulsion engineer! Space Zone March 2019
Brian OConnor I look at satellite images and other maps to see how nature is disappearing Space Zone March 2019
Hannah Currivan As a Masters Student your day can vary depending on what subjects you choose to study. Space Zone March 2019
Rory Scarrott I look at the oceans from Space using satellites, their surface structure over space and time, how it changes. Space Zone March 2019
Sita Karki I study the environment using a technique called remote sensing which means I use satellite imagery taken from the space. Space Zone March 2019
Stephen O'Connor I test different materials to find out if they can be used to build satellites. Space Zone March 2019
Anna Zakrzewska I am a principal engineer at the Telecom Co-Innovation Expert Centre of Dell Technologies. I work with numerous partners to create next generation networks. Automation Zone March 2020
Mahnaz Rashedi I am working on Data centre projects in Dublin, designing and delivering standby power generators to them. Automation Zone March 2020
Nessan Harpur Automation Zone March 2020
Ollie Otter The title of my PhD thesis is "Combined simulation of waves, wind and current in laboratory basins", which is fancy language for saying I am testing a scale model of a floating wind turbine in a wave pool. Automation Zone March 2020
Ruairi Williamson I use sensors and software to guess when a robot or a machine in a factory may be about to break down. I use the data, from the sensors, to predict and avoid breakdowns which cause companies lots of money! Automation Zone March 2020
Tiziana Margaria I work with ideas and turn them into software that does things with you and for you. My projects help companies, students, doctors and nurses, programmers and some robots to be better, more helpful and adaptable if there is thinned to change. I use models that are easy to understand and to work with, so even children and people who do not program can actually build very useful and nice apps. One has gone on a satellite that is travelling in space beyond the solar system. Automation Zone March 2020
Anthony Newell In my PhD I worked on an energy storage project for surplus wind energy. Now I'm helping people use 3D printing better which can lower our environmental impact for making things. Environment Zone March 2020
Aruna Chandrasekar I investigate how natural gas can be used efficiently as a part of our future energy mix. Environment Zone March 2020
Canice Coogan Wireless and land based Telecoms design Environment Zone March 2020
Connor McGookin I study how changes to our energy system will reduce the amount of CO2 emissions, and in particular help communities to understand what they can do in response to climate change. For information about the projects I'm involved with check out - Environment Zone March 2020
Madhumidha Murugan I try to solve the problems of existing complex methods to measure pollutants in water and improve the ease and speed to decide on the quality of water. Environment Zone March 2020
Olga Ormond I help people working in European research projects to write about what their project is doing and the results they are getting. Also help to get their results into products that benefit others. Environment Zone March 2020
Cillian Thompson I am trying to 3D print a screw that can heal your bones if they break and then disappear out of the body once the bone is healed! Health Zone March 2020
Eimear O'Hara I use 3D printing to make new shoulder bones for people when their bones don't work as well any more Health Zone March 2020
Fiona Malone I build robots that behave like the human body so we can help solve medical problems and improve medical treatments for people who are sick. Health Zone March 2020
Orla McGee I look at designing devices to help children who have problems with their hearts. Health Zone March 2020
Sanjeev Kumar My research is focused on the design of a compact on-body device that can be used for patients' wireless health monitoring in hospitals. Health Zone March 2020
Tom Hodgkinson My work looks for new ways to help bone and cartilage heal itself after an injury or in old age. We use special body cells, called stem cells, that are great at healing and are able to form different types of tissue in your body. We put these stem cells into scaffolding we engineer, which protects the cells and teaches them how we want them to behave to repair the damaged tissue. Health Zone March 2020
Alan Diaz I build solutions for improving the control of optical networks, the type of network that delivers very fastly your favourite Netflix shows to your home! Kilogram Zone March 2021
Alessandra Mileo I design computer programs to make machines "intelligent". This include capturing sensor data, images, text and processing them to understand danger, help medical diagnosis, and solve complex problems Kilogram Zone March 2021
Andrea Federico I work for developing new wearable technologies for medical application. Kilogram Zone March 2021
Aruna Chandrasekar I investigate how natural gas can be used efficiently as a part of our future energy mix. Kilogram Zone March 2021
Begum Genc I work on designing algorithms to find good solutions to complex problems such as: creating timetables for your classes and exams and making sure you have as much time as possible in between them 🙂 Kilogram Zone March 2021
Beth Macaulay I look at coatings to put on metal implants that surgeons use to help repair bones after they break Kilogram Zone March 2021
Bhaskar Dhariyal I'm a PhD student at University College Dublin researching sequential data (read Artificial Intelligence). I work with data generated from sensors and try to predict future on basis of historical data Kilogram Zone March 2021
Caroline Peres I develop new types of sensors with mini-computers inside them! These sensors are used in agriculture, health and other applications to monitor important things. Kilogram Zone March 2021
Ciara McKenna I'm trying to find the best stent design to treat arteries in the leg! Kilogram Zone March 2021
Conor Ryan I program computers so that they can program themselves. We give them a problem to solve, a method to solve it, and then they learn how to write a program. Kilogram Zone March 2021
Darragh Rogan I work on a large construction project leading a team of great people trying to control lots of equipment like heating boilers and vacuum systems. Kilogram Zone March 2021
Erika Duriakova I look for new ways to find and recommend items to people who might like them. These items could be anything from movies that people might like to see to books that people might like to read. Kilogram Zone March 2021
Helena Mylise Sorensen My job is to make milk an even more powerful super-food than it already is, by using and controlling bacterial cells to make people healthier Kilogram Zone March 2021
Hui Wang I look at different ways to test the different properties of light. like humans have height, weight, light also has its power, color, etc. Kilogram Zone March 2021
Iman Abaspur Kazerouni I design smart mobile robots to find their path automatically without any control. Kilogram Zone March 2021
Jun Lin I study materials that can be used to make transistors, which are the most basic building blocks of computers. The goal is to make transistors smaller so that our computers can be faster. Kilogram Zone March 2021
Konstantin Grygoryev In my job, I work with lasers, lenses and mirrors. I avoid smoke at all costs. I am trying to find a way to diagnose illness, such as cancer, using nothing but visible light! Kilogram Zone March 2021
Krishna Panduru I manage an industrial research project and teach computers how to find patterns which might lead to a failure. I talk to engineering start-up companies to turn their ideas into reality. Kilogram Zone March 2021
Marissa Britton I look at bones and how they react in different situations to figure out why they might be more likely to fracture. Kilogram Zone March 2021
Melusine Pigeon I design antenna for device to enable them to communicate without wire. Lately I have designed bespoken antenna for medical devices. Kilogram Zone March 2021
Mike Hinchey i was hired by NASA because of my expertise in mathematical correctness of software (ensuring that we *know* software will work), but nowadays I work very much in the area of autonomous systems. Kilogram Zone March 2021
Miray Yasar Kilogram Zone March 2021
Mubashir Husain Rehmani My expertise is in communication networks. These networks include Internet, Mobile Phone Networks, and Local Area Networks. In addition, I am also working in the domain of blockchain. Kilogram Zone March 2021
Nadeem Rather I design antennas for wireless communications - The challenging part is to design an antenna for applications like on-body antennas, contact lens antennas, etc. Kilogram Zone March 2021
Peter Megyesi I write code that makes researchers and patients happy. Kilogram Zone March 2021
Removed Engineer Kilogram Zone March 2021
Rizwan Gill My job is to train students on semiconductor chip fabrication steps. Every smart gadget i.e. smartphone, smart TV, Alexa etc contain a semiconductor chip which acts as the brain of the device. Kilogram Zone March 2021
Sergii Kushch I help my students to prepare their to live and work in real life and solve real tasks. Kilogram Zone March 2021
Siddra Maryam I am looking for ways to to diagnose oral cancer in early stages, so that we can cure it and save as many lives as possible Kilogram Zone March 2021
Sita Karki I study the environment using a technique called remote sensing which means I use satellite imagery taken from the space. Kilogram Zone March 2021
Ahmad Chaudhary I am developing a platform that will make it easy for people to work with robots. You will simply drag the pre-existed blocks, put them in order and it will work. i.e. turn on, move forward, turn left Kelvin Zone March 2022
Aisling Lee I am a Technical Architect specialist for Accenture which means I get to do a little bit of everything (programming and hardware) Kelvin Zone March 2022
Andrew Butterfield Figuring out better ways to make safer computer programs for spacecraft, airplanes, and robots. Kelvin Zone March 2022
Anna Zakrzewska I am a principal engineer at the Telecom Co-Innovation Expert Centre of Dell Technologies. I work with numerous partners to create next generation networks. Kelvin Zone March 2022
Brendan Mullane I like talking to students about electronics and technologies that impact on our everyday life such such as smartphones and medical gadgets. Kelvin Zone March 2022
Brian Corbett I am a research scientist. I am the leader of a team of 20 people from 8 countries. Half of the team are PhD students. Our team engineers light emitting devices. Kelvin Zone March 2022
Charu Pande I am an Electronics Engineer. I build systems using hardware and software. Kelvin Zone March 2022
Christine Spencer I currently work as a researcher in a University in Ireland. Kelvin Zone March 2022
Diana Abrunhosa Engineer in Flooding Projects (find a solution for areas that flood often) Kelvin Zone March 2022
Githin Tom Zachariah I work on simulating flow of fluids in harsh conditions, like the flow of air around an aircraft or the flow of tea when you stir the pot. Kelvin Zone March 2022
Ivan Merrick Making sure customers get prompt and immediate attention to their inquiries when thy make contact with Fraser Ross Ltd. Kelvin Zone March 2022
Julie Raulin I'm a PhD student in Computer Science looking for making the Internet faster. Kelvin Zone March 2022
Kyriakos Kourousis I am a Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) at the University of Limerick (UL), teaching our future generation of engineers. Kelvin Zone March 2022
Laura Mehigan I research how the electricity we use can be made cleaner and help fight global warming. Kelvin Zone March 2022
Luke Molloy I design very large concrete tanks for holding the water you drink in your tap. I also design all the pipes and treatment plants that treat the water when you flush your toilet. Kelvin Zone March 2022
Madhusanka Liyanage I am an assistant professor at UCD. I have a background in telecom engineering and working on 5G/6G network security aspects Kelvin Zone March 2022
Marco Ruffini I work on networks for a faster Internet, what is known as 5G and future 6G. Kelvin Zone March 2022
Nadeem Rather I design antennas for wireless communications - The challenging part is to design an antenna for applications like on-body antennas, contact lens antennas, etc. Kelvin Zone March 2022
Nicola Marchetti I am interested in merging ideas from different fields such as AI, biology and quantum mechanics, to design the internet and mobile phone networks of the future. Kelvin Zone March 2022
Peter Milner I work with very small LEDs (lights) which shine ultraviolet light, and then put these LEDs into tools which doctors can use to treat people. 💡🥼 Kelvin Zone March 2022
Rahul Mhapsekar I am a PhD researcher at Walton institute in the department of computing and mathematics. I am working on vistamilk project to digitalize dairy. I use technology to improve the quality of milk. Kelvin Zone March 2022
Somdatta Bhattacharya Kelvin Zone March 2022