• Question: What is the most difficult thing about making a robot?

    Asked by 622heaq23 to Ted on 9 Mar 2019.
    • Photo: Ted Burke

      Ted Burke answered on 9 Mar 2019:

      It depends on the type of robot you’re making. Advanced robotics involves many many very complex challenges, so it would be difficult to identify which is the most difficult. If you’re thinking more of the challenges faced by beginners, then it’s really two things: programming and electronics. If you buy a simple robot kit (e.g. an Arduino kit) that can help you with both. When you’re beginning with robotics and electronics, my main advice would be to build really simple things first to build up your confidence and understanding. Using an Arduino makes the process simpler because it keeps the computer code shorter and easier to understand. Also, there is a huge community of people sharing information about their Arduino projects online, so it’s easier to get help if you’re stuck. Also, if you can find someone who has built things like that before, having them available to help you troubleshoot is a huge help.