• Question: what do you like the most about science

    Asked by item022car to Tom, Sanjeev, Orla, Fiona, Eimear, Cillian on 5 Mar 2020.
    • Photo: Cillian Thompson

      Cillian Thompson answered on 5 Mar 2020:

      Biology definitely was the big winner for me in science. I also liked how biomedical engineering combines the three sciences.

    • Photo: Orla McGee

      Orla McGee answered on 5 Mar 2020:

      I like Physics and using maths to understand how things work and why they behave the way they do.

    • Photo: Fiona Malone

      Fiona Malone answered on 5 Mar 2020:

      Maths is my favourite, it’s great to use it to explain concepts and solve problems in science

    • Photo: Sanjeev Kumar

      Sanjeev Kumar answered on 8 Mar 2020:

      Physics is my favourite. Physics helps us understand the fundamental laws of nature and explains how the world around us actually works. I always love solving numerical problems.

    • Photo: Eimear O'Hara

      Eimear O'Hara answered on 9 Mar 2020:

      I think it’s how relevant it is to real life – you’re taking something with lots of theory and applying it to real life problems to help people