• Question: your job looks so cool. do you think people will ever be able to time travel

    Asked by orla to Stephen, Sita, Rory, Hannah, Brian, Alison on 7 Mar 2019. This question was also asked by 459speq38.
    • Photo: Alison Dufresne

      Alison Dufresne answered on 7 Mar 2019:

      Yes! I think so.. It’s a complicated question because time is not very well understood yet. According to Einsteins theory of general relativity, if one twin takes off from Earth and goes for a quick trip to our nearest star neighbour (Proxima Centauri) at near light speed and came back, they will be younger than the twin they left behind!
      The theory hasn’t been proven yet but if it’s right, we could become frequent time travellers! Maybe not into the past but into the future!

    • Photo: Hannah Currivan

      Hannah Currivan answered on 7 Mar 2019:

      Yes I do, but only into the future, the laws of physics will not aloud you to travel back in time!!!

    • Photo: Sita Karki

      Sita Karki answered on 8 Mar 2019:

      I think it will possible in few years or may be decade. New discoveries are happening everyday.

    • Photo: Rory Scarrott

      Rory Scarrott answered on 15 Mar 2019:

      I have no idea, but that would be really awesome