• Question: Do you ever want to go to outer space

    Asked by Shane to Bobby, Claire B, Claire C, David, Veasna on 6 Mar 2017.
    • Photo: Claire Brougham

      Claire Brougham answered on 6 Mar 2017:

      I think it would be really cool to go to space. I don’t know if I will ever get the chance though! A friend of mine who also studied mechanical engineering works for a company that makes satellites for the European Space Agency. He might get to go to space some day!

    • Photo: Veasna Sum-Coffey

      Veasna Sum-Coffey answered on 7 Mar 2017:

      I definitely do! I have always had an interest in going into space. If I was not an engineer/scientist, I would be an astrophysicist. I believe there is life on other planets, and we are getting very close to finding it. If I was a millionaire, I probably would be one of those rich people who bought their ticket into space. 🙂 🚀