• Question: has anything ever gone really badly wrong at work?

    Asked by LB_1107 to Ted, S. S., Laura, Kevin, Ellen, Andrea on 11 Mar 2019.
    • Photo: Ted Burke

      Ted Burke answered on 11 Mar 2019:

      No complete disasters so far, thankfully! Little things go wrong all the time – components burn out, some computer files get lost, I explain something badly in class and the students get confused – but that’s a normal part of my job and you just have to expect that some bad things are going to happen and prepare to react to them in the most positive way you can. In the short term, a person can succeed because they’re lucky and nothing goes wrong, but in the long term everyone experiences setbacks and the people who are most successful are the ones who respond the right way: remain calm, learn from your mistakes, choose the most constructive path forward.

    • Photo: Andrea Pacheco

      Andrea Pacheco answered on 11 Mar 2019: last edited 12 Mar 2019 9:52 am

      So far it has not happened to me. Almost everything in life has the probability to go wrong but I try to do my best in preventing it to happen 😉

    • Photo: Kevin OBrien

      Kevin OBrien answered on 11 Mar 2019:

      Lucky, I’ve never had any any serious issues at work.
      There have been weeks where I’ve had plenty of problems, or things just don’t seem to go right.
      I’ve had weeks where I’ve blown up thousands of euros worth of printed circuit boards, resulting in delays to projects, but management have always been very understanding that there are risks when working on electronics.
      Typically, if I blow up a board, I’ll end up fixing it, eventually.

    • Photo: Ellen Simmons

      Ellen Simmons answered on 11 Mar 2019:

      Yes, it happens fairly often… but that’s because engineering is challenging and you have to “fail fast” to figure out what works. It’s not something to worry about! You need to uncover the problem before you have figure out the solution…

    • Photo: Laura Farina

      Laura Farina answered on 13 Mar 2019:

      Sometimes! sometimes anything seem working as it should and it is so frustrating… the best thing is always to stop doing anything and restart few days later