• Question: how did you know you wanted to be a engineer and why

    Asked by anon-20377 on 5 Mar 2022. This question was also asked by anon-20332, anon-20696.
    • Photo: Kyriakos Kourousis

      Kyriakos Kourousis answered on 5 Mar 2022:

      As soon as I realised I liked aircraft, an aeronautical engineer gets to work on everything that has to do with aircraft operations, design, etc etc

    • Photo: Aisling Lee

      Aisling Lee answered on 7 Mar 2022:

      I knew I wanted to be an engineer when I found out they get to solve problems and make things especially when I realised it also allowed me to build skills to do stuff myself.

      When I got my first car I wanted to be able to play music off my IPod but could only play CDs but because was learning about electronics to become an engineer and knew how to safely work with them I was able to redesign the entertainment system in my car so I could play CDS and plug in any digital device (Ipod, MP3 Players, Phones, USB keys etc)

    • Photo: Laura Mehigan

      Laura Mehigan answered on 8 Mar 2022: last edited 8 Mar 2022 10:10 am

      It took me a bit of time to figure it out, I liked Maths and Science at school, I love puzzles and solving problems and I had a few ideas about what I might like to do. I asked lots of people if they knew anyone working as the 3 or 4 different jobs I thought I might like and organized to spend a day shadowing a person doing that job and asking them questions about their job to see if I might like it and that’s how I decided on engineering.

    • Photo: Andrew Butterfield

      Andrew Butterfield answered on 8 Mar 2022:

      Initially I was considering Maths, Science and Engineering. But I was really interested in computing, and personal computers where not widely available back then. When I learnt that I could get to program computers in college in an Engineering degree, I chose to do that.